RAPID DNA RESULTS. Traditional lab-based DNA tests can take days to weeks for results. In contrast, the Spartan Cube goes from sample to result in less than 1 hour. Finally, you can get DNA results whenever and wherever you need them. BREAKTHROUGH DESIGN. If Apple made a personal DNA testing product, it might look something like the Spartan Cube: A minimalist, anodized aluminum box, about the size of a large coffee mug, and roughly as heavy as a small laptop. INTUITIVE INTERFACE. A clean and thoughtful design gets you up and running in seconds. There is a single button to open the device and only one way to insert the DNA test cartridge. Visual instructions are displayed on screen so you never miss a step. Press “Go” and walk away. The device runs automatically and generates your results. ONE PLATFORM. MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS. The Spartan cube can run different DNA test cartridges on the same device—just like a coffee maker uses pods. Our current products include tests for precision medicine and environmental water safety. And we’re developing new tests for infectious disease and veterinary diagnostics.


Ronald Lindgreen

Product Specialist Cardiology
+31 611565663


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