The neoV1940 is the newest addition to the neoV family! The 1940nm wavelength is an exciting new option for your endovascular practice due to extra high water absorption, higher than 1470nm. The system enables work with CORONA 360 fibers as well as with the newly launched CORONA Infinite Ring fiber, giving you access to the safest and most advanced EVLA technology in the world today. The neoV1940 with neoLaser’s new fibers, position the neoV as the benchmark of clinical excellence for EVLA. The Optimal Energy – 1940nm The neoV1940 diode laser offers a new wavelength with superior absorption when compared to 1470 systems. The 1940nm wavelength has absorption which is 3 times higher than 1470 in blood and the vein wall*. As a result, heat is much more localized, thermal penetration is lower, and according to published data, vein closure can be achieved efficiency for dosages above 30J/cm**. These unique features may potentially allow more precise application with less total dosage, especially in vicinity of critical structures


Arjen Hiemstra

Product Specialist Venous
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