About Angiocare


"Angiocare is a visionary and vibrant medical device partner, distributing high quality and innovative products through the knowledge and passion of our people, to a broad range of healthcare professionals and hospital administrations, who are willing to work with a trustworthy and 'do as you say’-company, bringing added value to a rapid changing healthcare environment with a personal touch."

"Angiocare is a visionary and vibrant medical device partner"


Angiocare is a distributor in medical devices in the dutch healthcare market for a number of medical specialties:

 - Endovascular

 - Endovenous (varicose veins)

 - Interventional Radiology

 - Interventional Cardiology

 - Interventional Oncology

 - Neurointervention

 - Electrophysiology

 - Gastroenterology

Angiocare, located in Amersfoort NL, became well-known in the medical healthcare through expertise, knowledge, social skills and services. More than 40 years of experience in one dedicated team. Since 2018 the company became a Uniphar Group company. 

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Angiocare is fully ISO 9001:2015 compliant.

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